Creating network overlays with IoT devices using n2n

When building a network of communicating IoT devices, it is compulsory to ensure that all the devices are reachable regardless of their IP address and location. This talk is about an open source software named n2n that enables secure communication over a lightweight and secure p2p network overlay.

When building a network of IoT devices, communication topology can be a problem as some of them might be behind a NAT, and some others might be reachable only from certain network nodes. Furthermore the advent of mobile and automotive computing with non persistent addressing will make all this even more challenging. To address all this, usually people use a centralised cloud-based topology that makes the network weak and not optimal, as all the devices have to communicate though this central point instead, when possible, to talk directly. However the cloud does not address privacy and security, in particular when IoT devices are used and developers and not fully aware of security issues: this can be addressed by a network overlay that tackles this problem at network instead that at application level This talk is about an open source, lightweight network overlay software named n2n ( ) [available for Linux, BSD, MacOS, Windows] developed by the authors, that enables the creation of a persistent network that promotes secure communications even on environments where security is an option, or some communications are prevented by NATs or firewall devices.

track icon Security
duration icon 45 min
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