Hardware hacking a Raspberry Pi powered festive decoration with Golang

Why not take a break from TV repeats this festive season and build a fun project with your loved ones?

In this session, you will learn how you can build an internet connected Raspberry Pi festive decoration which can be triggered by Google Assistant. No knowledge of Golang is required as Nic will walk you through the basics of writing and compiling your first program. He will then show you how you can use Go with the GPIO interface on the Raspberry Pi to illuminate simple LEDs. Finally, we will see how we can activate our lights using Google Assistant.

Nic will instruct you how to build the project yourself and also give helpful hints on how you can take your new skills and teach others, full code samples and a teaching guide will be provided after the session.

track icon Multimedia
duration icon 45 min
language icon English
level icon All


This talk video is not yet available, but we upload new videos and slides every month.

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Talk slides

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