Recruiting session

This year we will have a recruiting session at LinuxLab!

First, representatives from firms looking for people will go on stage: each one will have 5-10 minutes to describe the firm’s activities and the competencies they are looking for.

Then, each representative will sit at a desk, where candidates will be able to give their resume and talk about job opportunities.

Because of the many people present, there will not be time for actual job interviews at the session, but the short discussion will nonetheless allow both parties to know each other and evaluate whether to pursue the contact further. It is also possible to schedule a private meeting/interview to be held in the following days in private meeting rooms available in the venue.

track icon Security
duration icon 45 min
language icon Italiano
level icon All


This talk video is not yet available, but we upload new videos and slides every month.

What is LinuxLab?

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Talk slides

The talk slides are not yet available.