Workshop: Developing and testing a device driver without the device

The development of device drivers usually requires hardware availability. We will try to address this issue by simulating our “missing” device thanks to a QEMU ARM machine. The fake device will be tested and debugged using bare-metal software, again running in QEMU. Finally, we will write a Linux device driver from scratch that will interact with the device and expose it to the userspace.

The training assumes some basic knowledge of the C programming language and using Linux as a development platform. During the training, we will show how to build the Linux kernel and write a simple yet complete device driver, how to use QEMU as a development platform and a few notions of bare-metal and kernel code debugging.

track icon Workshops
duration icon 180 min
language icon English
level icon Advanced


This talk video is not yet available, but we upload new videos and slides every month.

What is LinuxLab?

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