An introduction to Yocto Project

If you heard something about Yocto, bitbake, openembedded, layers, recipes and you want to know more about that, this talk is for you. In this presentation you will be introduced to the Yocto Project build system starting from the basic concepts of metadata up to the use of the build system “tasks” in order to create your own embedded linux distribution. I will start speaking about the pros and cons of the Yocto Project compared to the other embedded linux build systems. Then we go deep into the framework components: poky, openembedded core and bitbake. The practical use of the recipes, packagegroups, images and machines files will be explained by examples. Finally an example on how to integrate an extra layer will be showed demonstrating the ease of use and the modularity of the build system.
track icon Build system
duration icon 45 min
language icon English
level icon Beginner


This talk video is not yet available, but we upload new videos and slides every month.

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